Uganda Professional Science Teachers' Union – UPSTU

Uganda Professional Science Teachers’ Union (UPSTU)

The objectives of Uganda Professional Science Teachers’ Union shall be:
(a) To bring together all the Science Teachers in Uganda under one umbrella body for the purpose of having their rights and interests collectively represented.
(b) To identify problems faced by Science Teachers and inform policy makers of such problems in order to have a collective and substantive response of their welfare.
(c)To lead a negotiation of remunerations and welfare for science teachers with the government and other stakeholders in private education institutions.
(d)To co-operate and affiliate ourselves as Science Teachers to other existing labour unions and confederations of labour unions both at national and international level as well as other development partners for joint actions or functions on matters of common interests.
(e) To foster a sense of self respect and dignity among the members
(f) To make a pool of financial resources, buy assets for the Union, which will earn the Union income even after retirement of its members.UPSTU Convitution – Amended and Approved by the Regional Delegacy on the 22./06/2020 Page OS of 043
(g) To promote the harmonious relationship between employer and employee.
(h) To constantly advocate for an improvement of education standards in teaching of science which will ensure high professionalism of science teachers.
(i) To provide basic education and representation of members regarding their basic rights such as protection from discrimination, access to basic health and safety while at work.
(j) Provide general advice, guidance, legal support or counsel to members on matters like violation of labour laws by employer and work place safety issues.
(k) Ensuring job safety and security i.e. to protect an employee from unfair or random termination in an arbitrary fashion without a strong legal reason. Where the dismissal is on legal grounds, an employee must receive his or her rightful benefits.
(f) To ensure the systematic integration of special gender issues and concerns during collective bargaining. This will ensure that policies relevant to female science teachers are effectively implemented and monitored.
(m) To perform any other lawful functions that are geared towards achievements of all the above listed objectives UPSTU•