Uganda Professional Science Teachers' Union – UPSTU

Uganda Professional Science Teachers’ Union (UPSTU)

Twelve Benefits of Joining UPSTU

Joining a trade union can offer several benefits, including collective bargaining power to negotiate better wages, improved working conditions, and benefits. Unions often provide legal support, representation in disputes, and advocate for workers’ rights. They can also offer networking opportunities, access to training and skill development, and a sense of solidarity among her members. The following are some of the twelve benefits of belonging to UPSTU as a trade union:

 1. Collective Bargaining:

UPSTU as a trade union will from time to time, negotiate with the employers on the behalf of all her members to secure better wages, salary increments, benefits, and good working conditions.

 2. Job Security:

UPSTU as a trade union is committed to help and protect all her members from unfair dismissal and advocate for job security measures.

 *3. Advocating for a better wage increment or salary enhancement for all her members:* Through negotiations, UPSTU is very committed towards negotiating and securing higher wages and regular pay increments for all her members.

 4. Health and Safety:

UPSTU as a trade union commits to promote workplace safety standards and ensure members’ well-being by advocating for proper safety measures.

5 Legal Support:

UPSTU as a union will provide legal assistance and representation to all her members in case of workplace disputes or conflicts.

 6 Work-Life Balance:

UPSTU as a trade Union will advocate for reasonable working hours, breaks, and time-off policies, fostering a healthier work-life balance.

 7 Skills Development:

UPSTU will offer training programs and skill development opportunities to enhance members’ career prospects.

 8 Job Benefits:

UPSTU is committed to securing benefits such as healthcare, retirement plans, and other perks that improve members’ quality of life.

 9.Fair Treatment:

UPSTU as a union is committed to fight against discrimination, harassment, and unfair treatment of all her members, and ensuring equal opportunities for all her members.

 10. Solidarity and Support:

Being part of UPSTU as a union will provide you with a sense of community, support, and a platform to voice your concerns collectively.

 11. Insurance cover:

UPSTU will ensure that all her members get medical insurance covers from any life threatening ailment & Incase of demise, contributes towards their descent & honorable send off. 

 12. UPSTU members have quick access to cheap loans:

Through becoming UPSTU Members’ SACCO, union members are entitled to easy access of quick & cheaper loans through the union’s SACCO at a very low rate of only 14% per annum which is lower than any commercial bank. This will facilitate economic growth and development for all UPSTU members.

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