Uganda Professional Science Teachers' Union – UPSTU

Uganda Professional Science Teachers’ Union (UPSTU)

Message from Education Committee – UPSTU

Science education is a crucial discipline focused on imparting scientific knowledge and skills. Its goal is to foster scientific literacy, critical thinking, and an appreciation for the natural world. Science

Message from UPTSU Members SACCO

UPSTU Members’ SACCO is a  fully registered cooperative that was started by science teachers in 2020 with an aim of empowering themselves to enhance their savings and access convenient credit

Twelve Benefits of Joining UPSTU

Joining a trade union can offer several benefits, including collective bargaining power to negotiate better wages, improved working conditions, and benefits. Unions often provide legal support, representation in disputes, and

Union Officers Tour Uganda Wildlife Education Center

Following the recent induction event for Uganda Professional Science Teachers’ Union (UPSTU) national union officers, the leaders embarked on an educational tour of the Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC), commonly