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Uganda Professional Science Teachers’ Union (UPSTU)

UPSTU Regional Delegates’ Two-Day Induction Program in Pictures

On Thursday, 18th May and Friday, 19th May 2023, the Uganda Professional Science Teachers’ Union (UPSTU) hosted a rigorous induction program for regional delegates at Nob View Hotel in Ntinda, Kampala. The program aimed to orient delegates to the union’s constitution, operations, and labour rights advocacy, with a specific focus on the management and administration of a labour union.

The proceedings began with general introductions followed by a presentation on the management and administration of a labour union by Mr. Mugaiga Aron. He also detailed the organizational chart, showcasing the structure and administrative hierarchy of UPSTU.

Building on this foundation, Anthony Wanyama, General Secretary of the Ugandan Artisans and General Workers’ Union and Acting Secretary General of the Central Organization of Free Trade Unions (COFTU), discussed workers’ rights and the administration of labour justice in Uganda.

The post-lunch session was steered by Mr. Elong Vincent, the UPSTU Chairperson, who led delegates through the union’s constitution and shared the story of UPSTU’s journey to registration. As the day drew to a close, Luyima Edward, the Secretary of UPSTU Members’ SACCO, offered an insightful session on the cooperative’s vision, mission, core values, and strategic plan. Delegates were introduced to the newly unveiled logo and slogan (“Save Together, Grow Together”), and encouraged to register with the SACCO. After the session, the delegates visited the new UPSTU head office of the Union in Ntinda.

The second day of the induction echoed the excitement of the previous day, with the regional delegates visiting the Uganda Wildlife Education Center, just as the NEC members had done earlier. The delegates explored the various animal species housed in the sanctuary and learned about the different facets of wildlife conservation. This visit underscored the commitment of UPSTU to promote holistic learning experiences, recognizing that real-world exposure can often complement and enhance formal teaching methods.

The two-day induction served as a comprehensive platform for regional delegates to understand the nuances of their roles, UPSTU’s mission, and the labour rights landscape in Uganda. By interweaving theoretical presentations with practical experiences, the program offered a robust start for delegates, setting a strong foundation for their work ahead. The visit to the Wildlife Education Center underscored the program’s success, fostering camaraderie among delegates, and further cementing their commitment to the UPSTU’s cause.

As the newly inducted regional delegates get back to the field, their enhanced understanding of the union’s operations and their renewed commitment to advocating for labour rights promises an exciting new chapter in the union’s journey. UPSTU looks forward to the positive impact their contributions will undoubtedly bring to the education sector in Uganda.

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